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The Hoyaer Railway

Pic.: DEV motorcar T3 working the "Kaffkieker"The Hoyaer Railway is a standard gauge line connecting via Bruchhausen-Vilsen and Hoya the station Eystrup at the main line running from Hannover to Bremen in the east with the station Syke at the main line running from Osnabrück to Bremen in the west.

Communities along the line and the local railroad company "Verkehrsbetriebe Grafschaft Hoya GmbH" do offer tourist trains with diesel motorcars on the standard gauge track Eystrup - Hoya - Br.Vilsen - Syke. Trains will run during the summer on some sundays and on selected holidays. This will give you connecting service to the museum railway via the "Deutsche Bahn" stations at Eystrup and Syke. Additional information, timetable and fares are given on the "Kaffkieker" website.

We do offer special trains with the historic diesel motorcars T1, T2 and T3. For charter information or booking call the DEV station office at Bruchhausen-Vilsen.


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